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He loves to wear Jordan sneakers. It stands out from the crowd with its mohawk dotted with patterns.
Always in the vibe, he loves beautiful clothes and his favorite perfume is “L’Homme” by Yves Saint-Laurent.
A follower of fitness and bodybuilding, he delights himself in fitted clothes to reveal his muscular build.
He is a born music lover who is passionate about Latin music as well as Hip-Hop, RnB, Soul, Jazz, Afro Beats, House and Classic Rock.
His two favorite artists are Michael Jackson and Prince. Beyond that, he remains someone authentic and true to his values. Epicurean, he appreciates the simple things that life offers us.
In short, you have guessed who it is. His name is Guy-Stéphane, also known as DJ Brown Sugar, or if you prefer “Cassonade” for friends. This week, the Pisces native will celebrate his birthday with everyone.
For the occasion, Corinne and Victor Alexis will offer a Salsa class at 9:00 p.m. to prepare you for the magnificent evening that awaits you.
In addition, as a guest artist, Joseph sadrack AKA DJ Drake prepares you an outstanding musical program of Salsa and Bachata, alongside DJ Brown Sugar and DJ Ricky Campanelli.
So, wondering what to do this Friday? DJ Brown Sugar’s birthday is celebrated to the max at @SalsaLOGIA!!!
LOCATION: Club 649, Latin Club in Montreal
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