Salsalogia is an ideology that aims to share the founding principles which are music, love & Salsa, in order to rally the great lovers of Salsa in Montreal and the rest of Canada.

Inspired by the Latin vibe of New York, Salsalogia advocates the idea that everyone can be part of it simply by engaging in daily activities including the practice of Salsa, and this on a regular basis.

In addition, this ideology allows each follower to benefit from the best lessons from real masters because each deserves to obtain all the techniques and styles necessary to raise his level of Salsa.

Without distinction of color, race, gender, level of dance or social class, Salsalogia welcomes anyone with open arms.


Guy-StephaneFounder & DJ
Summer of 2006 counts the birth of DJ Brown Sugar came to be. With Latin music at his peak in the heart of Montreal, especially with Salsa and Mambo, Brown Sugar was driven by the idea of expressing his knowledge through the art we all call “djing”.

Ever since, Brown Sugar delivered countless performances as a DJ in many cities earning respect on the Latin scene. In this page, you will enjoy listening to his artistic eclecticism through a variety of styles whether you’re a party animal or looking to lounge with your peeps.

Ricky Campanelli
Ricky CampanelliFounder & Producer
His unique style and fresh sound are the product of experimentation and inbred musical instinct. Both are reflected in his debut single, Mani Picao, one of 30 salsa tracks from his two albums, Salsa Como Debe Ser and Modestia Aparte. These albums can best be described as 70’s salsa, infused with yesterday’s swing, and remixed with today’s sound. Campanelli’s music is a tribute to old school salsa – a style he believes will never die because of its eternal quality.

His third album, entitled Alma De Rumbero, launched at Vancity International SBK Festival’s first year, showcasing his unique talent. But his love for music doesn’t only stop at salsa, he has also produced his first bachata album with world renowned artists which launched the following year at the Vancity International SBK Festival.

Amero Muiny
Amero MuinyDigital Marketer
Experienced I.T. & professional Project Manager, passionate about web and U.I. development. I have completed many projects with multiple clients and industry leaders. These experiences have helped in developing new skills and methods pertaining to Web Development.

Throughout my experiences in the field, I have become sophisticated in development, coding, and problem-solving. Additionally, I have gained digital marketing expertise that I put into practice to help generate productivity for client’s websites and social media, making them more intuitive and user-friendly. Allow me to develop your websites or social media projects to the fullest of their potential.